Obtaining powerful stem cells from wisdom teeth for the potential treatment of future illness and disease is now a reality.

Wisdom teeth contain powerful stem cells

We are on the cusp of achieving truly personalized medicine, and stem cells are at the heart of it. Research has suggested that the most potent stem cells for use in medical treatments come from young people between the ages of 13 and 24. This means that collecting and storing stem cells from your child’s wisdom teeth today has the potential to protect their health tomorrow. Stem cells found naturally in wisdom teeth have the proven ability to regenerate and repair diseased tissue and organs.

Current stem cell research

Discover what stem cell researchers are working on today in their mission to discover new treatments and therapies for patients.

Wisdom tooth removal is the best and safest time to bank the right stem cells.

I have health issues that I’ve always hoped will never affect my loved ones. Now, my children’s healthiest stem cells have been safely banked and can be used whenever they need them.

Stem cell banking is right for both my practice and my patients.

At the end of the day, it feels amazing to know that my practice has provided a service that may save someone’s life.

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