About Our Laboratory

Our Stemodontics laboratory and storage facility meets and exceeds every benchmark for quality assurance. As an FDA-registered GMP-compliant facility, we follow strict regulatory standards to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our team, partners, and members. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures consistent quality control. For a facility to be considered GMP compliant, they must follow 5 “Ps”.

Everyone working in the laboratory is highly trained and qualified. This ensures proper implementation of protocol and quality control standards are maintained.

Products and Primary Materials

Specifications must be followed at every step to ensure the collection, storage, and retrieval process is consistent.


All practices within the facility are regularly assessed, documented, and updated to be as up-to-date as possible.

Premises & Equipment

Cleanliness and equipment calibration within the facility are monitored and maintained at all times.


Every process to maintain GMP is documented to ensure good practices are followed consistently, correctly, and thoroughly.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art lab employs top doctors and researchers working on the most advanced stem cell science today. Exceeding the standards for regulatory compliance and environmental quality, our facility serves as a hub for stem cell development, processing, and clinical trials.

Retrieving Your Stem Cell Sample

Stemodontics follows all Good Manufacturing Practice standards to ensure your stem cell sample is ready whenever you need it. We make the retrieval process simple. In the event you face a medical condition where using your own stem cells could help you, give us a call using our toll-free telephone number: 1 (888) 980-5170 and select the option for stem cell retrieval. Our team will work with you in collecting the information necessary to coordinate and ship your cells directly to your medical provider.

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