Take your family’s future health into your own hands and enroll with Stemodontics today

By enrolling with Stemodontics, you are choosing the banking service that can be counted on in your family’s time of need. Every step of our process is safe and predictable and our lab is GMP-compliant—which means that we have achieved the gold standard for our stem cell banking operations. You can rest easy knowing that you are protecting the health of your loved ones by banking their wisdom teeth stem cells with Stemodontics.

Your Costs

Easy monthly payments

During the enrollment process, you will be prompted to review and then digitally sign the Service Agreement to proceed. Upon submission of the Agreement, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. The initial investment of $699 includes the processing of the teeth to extract and expand the stem cells. Cryo-storage is just $12.95/mo until you either withdraw your stem cells for use or terminate the service agreement.

The Stemodontics lab is fully booked for processing new cases until September 1, 2024. Please return to register for stem cell banking after September 1.