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Drs. Duncan, Scharf, Patwardhan, Yang, and Tolstunov are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to assessing and removing wisdom teeth. The practice has three convenient locations around San Francisco so that Bay Area patients of all ages can experience top-notch oral surgery care. The West Portal, Stonestown, and Van Ness offices are all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that you and your loved ones are given the best possible care. If you are interested in how cell banking can benefit your future health, talk to one of their oral surgeons about harvesting cells from wisdom teeth and protecting your future.

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99 West Portal Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94127


595 Buckingham Way, Suite 208
San Francisco, CA 94132

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1 Daniel Burnham Ct, Suite 366-c
San Francisco, CA 94109

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7×7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists has Stemodontics-certified staff members who are ready to assist in the collection and storage of cells through Stemodontics.

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Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last teeth to develop and emerge in your mouth. This typically happens between the middle teenage years and early twenties. There is often not enough room in the mouth for these teeth to erupt successfully, which can cause them to become impacted. An impacted tooth requires specialized care and treatment to prevent pain, infection, cysts, and more.

Your team at 7x7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Specialists regularly treats patients of all ages for wisdom teeth. The procedure to remove these troublesome teeth is easy, and they offer sedation options to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during surgery. When you remove your or your child’s wisdom teeth early, you are most often preventing future oral health complications from arising and maintaining good overall oral health.

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