Obtaining powerful stem cells from teeth for the potential treatment of future illnesses and diseases is now a reality.

The most powerful stem cells are from wisdom teeth

We are on the cusp of achieving truly personalized medicine, and stem cells are at the heart of it. Research has shown that the most powerful stem cells for use in medical treatments come from young people between the ages of 13 and 24. This means that collecting and storing stem cells from your child’s wisdom teeth today has the potential to protect their health tomorrow. Stem cells found naturally in wisdom teeth have the proven ability to regenerate and repair diseased tissue and organs.

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Pure mobile magic.

Note: This does not concern iOS 8+, as it finally supports real scroll events.

As discussed in "Mobile Support (Basic)" mobile compatibility is best achieved using a container and scrolling its contents.

But what if you also want to keep scroll momentum? Well I found the best way to do it is with the help of the magnificent plug-in "iScroll".
Note that with the current version of iScroll (v5.1.2) you will need to include
"iscroll-probe.js" to get a live update on the scroll position.

Check out this page on your phone to see a fully working ScrollMagic site.

Just bear in mind that this might come at the cost of performance loss. So you might end up passing on momentum after all.

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