Become a Certified Stemodontics Provider

Stemodontics is an elite stem cell banking service that advances you as a leader in your community and sets you apart from other dental providers in your market. We only partner with oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Stemodontics is designed to amplify the success of your practice.

Give your patients the rare opportunity to bank their own viable tissue in preparation for a future of personalized and regenerative medicine while taking your practice to the next level.

  • By offering stem cell banking in your practice, you are differentiating yourself and providing a remarkable service that attracts referrals. 
  • Stemodontics creates pivotal market awareness through media exposure.
  • By limiting our partnerships to oral surgeons alone, Stemodontics advances you as a leader in your community and sets you apart from all other dental providers. 
  • The healthcare market is at a tipping point: providers who offer a stem cell banking opportunity are being sought out by potential patients.

How do I become a certified provider?

We appreciate your interest in Stemodontics and look forward to implementing this unique service at your practice. Once registered, you will receive detailed instructions on how to begin your certification training. Your training and media coaching will be completed through easy-to-use learning tools, curated presentations, and webinars. Once your training is complete, you will be a fully certified Stemodontics provider.

Steps to becoming a provider

  • Registration
  • Certification 
  • Launch Kit
  • Implementation Training
  • Media Coaching

After you join.

Integrating Stemodontics in your practice is easy and convenient for you and your team.

Shortly after joining, your Stemodontics representative will reach out to get you and your team started on certification and arrange for your launch kit to be delivered. Once your supplies have arrived, we will guide you through your implementation training. At this point, you and your team will be experts in the collection and shipping protocols we have perfected to protect your patient’s investment. In addition to the many resources we offer our providers, the Stemodontics team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.