Saving the Future

As we age, stem cells decrease in quality and quantity, so capturing and preserving your child’s most potent stem cells between the ages of 13 and 24 is crucial. The process of stem cell banking is like a time capsule—the stem cells are suspended in time and never age, so they can be thawed and used in their healthiest state if and when your child requires them for use in life-saving or life-enhancing medical treatments.

Does banking stem cells really work?

The dental pulp stem cells found in wisdom teeth (DSPCs) have exceptional stability for safe and effective cryopreservation and long-term storage. Our team of top doctors and researchers have created an advanced cell-banking protocol with a 98% success rate that allows the patient’s own stem cells to be available if and when they are needed. Every step of our process is safe and predictable, our lab is GMP-compliant, and our service works seamlessly with the high-quality care you will receive from your trusted Stemodontics certified provider.

Once enrolled, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you are being proactive about your family’s future health. Wisdom tooth extraction is the perfect opportunity to benefit from stem cell recovery and preservation—banking these extracted teeth gives young patients access to their most potent stem cells for the successful treatment of future disease.

What do I do when I need my stem cells?

Stemodontics makes it easy to access banked stem cells if and when they are needed. Immediately following the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, your certified provider will carefully place the extracted teeth in the Stemodontics collection kit for shipment to our lab where the dental stem cells will be safely harvested and stored. When you are ready to utilize your stem cell sample, all you need to do is contact our laboratory for immediate shipment of your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

How do I enroll with Stemodontics?

Taking action with Stemodontics is easy. There are two ways to begin:

  1. Locate a Stemodontics certified provider in your area on our Provider Map and schedule a consultation for the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. This trusted provider will answer any questions you have about the Stemodontics collection and storage process and help you complete your online enrollment with us. Stemodontics provides services through certified dental professionals across the nation.

2. Send your family’s current oral surgeon valuable information about how to become a Stemodontics certified provider. Once your provider has registered with us and become certified, you may proceed with the extraction procedure and stem cell banking process under their care. 

Get started today to secure your medical future or the medical future of your loved ones.

Thank you for your interest in Stemodontics. Banking the right stem cells at the right time is simple and easy.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • Use our tools to locate a Stemodontics certified provider in your area or to request that we send information about Stemodontics stem cell banking to your family’s existing dental provider.
  • Meet with your provider for an initial Stemodontics consultation.
  • Enroll online to participate.

Your doctor will take care of the rest!