Oral surgeons remove thousands of viable wisdom teeth around the globe each day and discard the vast majority of them as medical waste. Our teeth hold an abundance of untapped stem cells that present an appealing option for stem cell collection and storage. The dental pulp within healthy adult teeth is one of the most easily accessible sources of stem cells in our bodies to recover. Your wisdom teeth are usually the only healthy adult teeth that will be removed in your lifetime that contain abundant stores of stem cells, making this the perfect opportunity for banking.

Other methods of collection, such as harvesting stem cells from bone marrow or cord blood, require more invasive and sometimes painful procedures which are highly dependent on timing and can be very expensive. By collecting stem cells now, while you or your child is already undergoing a procedure, you avoid the time, money, and potential complications of collecting your stem cells during a separate procedure. Also, by banking your own stem cells for use, you eliminate the potential for rejection, reaction, or developing a disease that accompanies the use of donor stem cells.

Getting started with Stemodontics™ is easy! Sign up to participate with your dental professional. They will answer any questions you have about the collection and storage process and help you complete the online enrollment process. Then, our state-of-the-art laboratory will send a collection kit to your doctor for the upcoming procedure. Once the tooth has been removed and properly stored, it will be shipped to our lab overnight for immediate processing and storage. When you are ready to utilize your stem cell sample, all you need to do is contact our lab. We will ship your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

Take action today to secure your medical future or the medical future of your loved ones! Stemodontics™ provides services through dental professionals all over the nation.