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Stemodontics certified
Oral Surgery Group has Stemodontics-certified staff members who are ready to assist in the collection and storage of stem cells through Stemodontics.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cells naturally exist within the body and replace specialized cells when needed. These powerful cells can regenerate bone, tissue, nerves, and organs, helping overcome illness, injury, or disease.

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Why bank stem cells from wisdom teeth?

The pulp of wisdom teeth house an abundance of stem cells. By banking these cells, you have access to them for future regenerative medicine or therapies.

An investment in your medical future is always worth making

When you or your child undergo wisdom teeth removal, choose to have your stem cells banked at the same time.

Wisdom tooth eruption often occurs during the late teens or early twenties. Most dental health professionals recommend removing wisdom teeth before they are fully developed. At this age, the stem cells inside the wisdom teeth are at peak viability. As we age, the number of healthy stem cells decrease, making early wisdom teeth removal the ideal time to have them harvested.

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Enroll Today. Protect Your Tomorrows.
By preserving your child’s stem cells with Stemodontics, you are joining thousands of
forward-thinking people who have taken control of their family’s future health.


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Stemodontics-certified providers are highly trained in the advanced protocols we have developed to protect your investment. Your provider will ensure that your banking process is seamless, so that you have total confidence in your choice to protect your future.